Praised Loyalty Program Software – Loyalty Prime Continues Success Story

Experts agree: Loyalty Prime is one of the most noteworthy start-ups in Germany! In February of this year award-winning technology journalist John Kennedy honored Loyalty Prime in his post on as one of the „20 most magnificent start-ups with momentum in Munich“. “Loyalty Prime”, he states “has built a SaaS platform that empowers the creation of successful loyalty programmes to understand and drive customer behaviour”. Industry expert and chief editor of, Alexander Hüsing, shares Kennedy’s view and recognized Loyalty Prime as one of Munich’s top five startups to watch in his April article on We are very proud of these recognitions and very happy to continue our work in the name of our customers’ loyalty success – repeatedly exceeding market expectations!

The Winning Loyalty Program Software: A Recap of Our Success Story Since 2014

So let’s do a quick recap of Loyalty Prime’s pathway to become a leading SaaS loyalty solution provider: Loyalty Prime was founded in 2014 and quickly convinced international top brands with its powerful cloud-based loyalty program software Prime Cloud. In 2015 our platform capabilities and loyalty expertise were awarded with the renowned global Loyalty Magazine Awards. Since then we have continued our success story by greatly expanding our software functionalities as well as client portfolio and target industries across the globe at an incredible speed.

Loyalty Prime’s Excellence Continues in 2017

The excellent and dedicated work by our exceptional team is paying off – as some amazing 2017 milestones demonstrate: At the beginning of this year we secured a Series A funding for our rapid international expansion. In March we were chosen as finalists in a staggering 7 categories of this years’ international Loyalty Magazine Awards 2017. On top of that we were recognized as one of the top ten retail CRM solution providers by the renowned California-based Retail CIO Outlook Magazine – alongside industry leaders such as Salesforce and Zendesk!

The Success Secret of Our SaaS Loyalty Program Solution

So what’s the secret to our SaaS platform’s success? Well it’s simple: Prime Cloud carries the blueprint for our customers’ loyalty success –helping them truly understand and profitably drive customer behavior. Prime Cloud’s masterminds – spearheaded by the Founders and Managing Directors Kunal Mohiuddin and Christoph Straub – have incorporated decades of in-depth loyalty market and SaaS experience into one uniquely powerful loyalty program software. Their fascination for how successful loyalty programs sustainably set companies ahead of their competition has been the driving force for creating Prime Cloud. Their in-depth understanding of what makes loyalty programs extremely successful has been Prime Cloud’s foundation and continuous building material. Together with their impressive drive and dedication this is how Prime Cloud has become a winning SaaS platform that truly carries the blueprint for loyalty success.

And the Conclusion?

The conclusion is simple: if you, too, are looking for a powerful, award-winning loyalty program software to drive your company’s success, make sure to contact our dedicated Team for a free demo of our unique SaaS solution – you will be impressed!

Anja Zschörnig

Über die Autorin

Anja Zschörnig
Head of Marketing | Loyalty Prime

Mit ihren 10+ Jahren Erfahrung in der Loyalty Branche sowie im digitalen Produktmanagement und Marketing, steht für Anja außer Frage: exzellent aufgesetzte Loyalty Programme, motorisiert durch das richtige Tech-Stack, lassen das Herz eines jeden datengetriebenen Marketers höher schlagen! Als Head of Marketing liebt sie es, Kunden und Interessenten über die Möglichkeiten leistungsstarker Kundenbindungsprogramme und Loyalty Prime’s Technologie zu inspirieren!