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Easily develop, manage, and track outstanding customer loyalty programs. All through a single, award-winning SaaS platform.

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Prime Cloud: The Leading Software Platform for Outstanding Loyalty Programs

Prime Cloud is an award-winning SaaS solution enabling easy set-up and efficient management of powerful loyalty programs.

Its extensive feature set, straightforward integration into existing IT systems, fast deployment time as well as its intuitive user interface, make Prime Cloud the loyalty management platform of choice for premium brands globally.

Prime Cloud

Award-Winning & Globally Certified

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5 Perfect Reasons for Prime Cloud

Feature-Rich & Flexible

Intuitive User-experience

Quick to Launch

Scalable for Any Size & Sector

Simple & Transparent Pricing

We Help Our Customers Achieve Desired Results

in Revenues

in Spend Frequency

in Member Enrollments

What Our Customers Have to Say

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Loyalty Prime has helped deliver an award-winning omnichannel loyalty programme for Frankfurt Airport by not only implementing their best-in-class loyalty platform but also proactively supporting our team on loyalty thought leadership and customer engagement activities.

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Loyalty Prime’s platform is best-in-class. On top of that, Loyalty Prime’s team stands out due to their profound loyalty expertise & reliable service from project kick-off till launch and during ongoing operations.

Our Network of Partners & Integrations

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Some Platform Highlights

Flexible Promotion Rules

Easily create and manage powerful, targeted promotions to engage your customers. Reward your customers for events such as enrolment, spending, redemption, interaction, and many more.

Unlimited Status Levels

Set up infinite number of status levels and flexibly assign upgrade and retention rules depending on various criteria such as number of points earned, frequency of transactions or amount spent.

Coalition Programs

Create a loyalty coalition program with infinite number of program partners that can issue common virtual currencies to allow for generating higher values for program members.

Multiple Incentive Currencies

Create one or multiple virtual incentive currencies to support your marketing and business targets. Besides your base points / miles / cash-back currency, introduce for example seasonal short-collection currencies (e.g. Xmas Stars) or a currency for recognizing the lifetime value of a customer.

Voucher & Coupon Management

Generate, manage and track unique loyalty program related voucher codes or external voucher codes as customer loyalty rewards or targeted promotion coupons.

Built-in CRM Features

Make use of the member profile data base and improve your CRM processes by implementing targeted customer care activities.

Platform Editions & Pricing

Stand-Alone Program Edition

Symbol Edition 1

  • Promotion Rules
  • Vouchers & Coupons
  • Multiple Incentive Currencies
  • & more…
Starting from  
$ 3,300
  per Month

Status Level & Benefits Program

Symbol Edition 2

  • Features of Edition 1
  • Status Levels
  • Status Benefits
  • Triggered Notification
  • & more…
Starting from  
$ 4,500
  per Month

Coalition Program Edition

Symbol Edition 3

  • Features of Edition 1 & Edition 2
  • Program Partner Accounts
  • Points Settling with Partners
  • & more…
Starting from  
$ 5,600
  per Month

Enterprise Edition

Symbol Edition 4

  • B2C Programs > 1 million members
  • B2B & B2E Programs
Pricing Will Be Based On Requirements

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