Our award-winning, enterprise-grade Loyalty Platform ‘Prime Cloud’, combined with our proven loyalty expertise is the true win-win, if you’re looking for the following:

A powerful, quick-to-launch Loyalty Program Platform to deeply understand, reward & drive customer behavior across all relevant dimensions: transactional, emotional, social, engagement, referrals.

An effective Loyalty Program Platform to sustainably increase revenue, profits, customer lifetime value, retention, and advocacy.

A reliable Loyalty Platform, that is test-proven, highly scalable, complete out of the box, yet fully configurable to your needs.

A passionate, dedicated Loyalty Platform Provider with the highest level of expertise in customer loyalty and loyalty technology to help your loyalty program become highly successful!

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6 Reasons 'Prime Cloud’ Is Your Ideal Loyalty Platform & Loyalty Prime is the Loyalty Platform Provider That Will Help You Succeed

No matter whether you’re new to loyalty programs or are looking to scale, there are 6 clear reasons that make us the ideal partner to power your loyalty program to success.

Feature Rich &
Future Proof
Highly Configurable &
Quick to Launch
Intuitive Usability &
Expert Support
High Performance
Enterprise-Grade SaaS
Highest Data & IT
Proven Expertise & Trusted


Reason #1

Feature Rich & Future Proof

Prime Cloud is a Feature Rich, Constantly Evolving Customer Loyalty Platform that Puts You at the Forefront of Customer Loyalty Program Trends and Changes – Now and in the Future:

  • Our leading Customer Loyalty Platform offers you all state-of-the-art loyalty program features out of the box:
    • Virtual currency earn and redemption management (such as points, miles, or stars)
    • A rich set of reward types
    • Tier management
    • Perks/privilege/benefit management
    • Vouchers & coupons
    • Surprise & delight features
    • Gamification
    • Referral programs
    • Subscription loyalty (fee-based)
    • A world leading loyalty marketing & promotion engine with rich segmentation capabilities
    • 360° customer insights & a comprehensive reporting functionality
    • And much more!
  • Our enterprise-grade SaaS architecture easily enables and is used by loyalty programs of all types and complexities (B2B, B2C, B2E). More complex requirements such as:
    • a cross-country coalition loyalty program
    • an omni-channel sales set-up
    • complex data structures and IT system landscapes

    are no problem at all for Prime Cloud.

  • With Prime Cloud you choose a future-proof Customer Loyalty Platform that is consistently updated to incorporate and set new trends – putting you at the forefront of customer loyalty as a whole!


Reason #2

Highly Configurable & Quick to Launch

Prime Cloud is Your Quick to Launch, Easy-to-Integrate Customer Loyalty Platform – With Ready Out-of-the-Box and Highly Configurable Features that Fit Your Individual Business & Industry Needs:

  • With its enterprise-grade SaaS architecture, Prime Cloud has all the features needed to run a successful loyalty program, which can easily be configured to your individual industry and business needs.
  • Our platform’s API first approach based on Open API standards makes it super easy to integrate – suitable even for complex IT system landscapes.
  • You can also make use of our optional white label loyalty program frontends for customers (online & mobile loyalty program portal), if desired – branded in your CI!
  • Both our front end and back end solutions, are ready out of the box to be deployed within days/weeks – including your desired configurations.


Reason #3

Intuitive Usability & Expert Support

Prime Cloud is the Ideal Choice for Marketers and All Stakeholders to Use – With Expert Support that Enables You to Use the Platform Successfully & With Ease:

  • Comprehensive onboarding, readily available 24/7 customer service and a dedicated customer success team give you all the knowledge and help you need to use Prime Cloud easily and successfully.
  • Enjoy working with a high-quality, easily understandable user-interface designed to be used by your marketing and operations teams: no coding knowledge is needed, and Prime Cloud is so intuitive in its usability that no expensive, external help will be required to successfully run your loyalty program!
  • Experience the benefits of role-based access and ease of use for all relevant stakeholders: marketers, loyalty program managers, loyalty program admin team, IT, accounting, customer service, top management, and more.


Reason #4

High Performance Enterprise-Grade SaaS

Prime Cloud Delivers Enterprise-Grade Performance with Worriless Platform Operation and High Scalability:

  • Prime Cloud delivers the highest performance levels due to its cloud-native, micro-service oriented architecture, modular infrastructure, and operation in a high-availability Kubernetes cluster.
  • Prime Cloud equips you with worriless scalability: its enterprise-grade performance levels are easily maintained as your loyalty program grows in member numbers and functionality complexity.
  • And the best part: we take care of all platform operation & maintenance, guaranteed by SLAs of your choice, so you can sit back and concentrate on driving your business forward! Oh and did we mention that all of this is delivered at a fair, simple & transparent pricing?


Reason #5

Highest Data & IT Security

Prime Cloud Ensures Highest IT Security & Enables Compliance With Desired Data Privacy Laws (like GDPR or CCPA):

  • With Prime Cloud, you receive highest data security by design. There is no direct connection of the data bases to the internet, for example, and all data flows are secured via state-of-the-art encryption methods.
  • With Prime Cloud, you receive readiness to adhere to data privacy laws such as GDPR (Europe) or CCPA (California/ USA), via features such as member consent management, audit-logging and data security.
  • Prime Cloud also enables comprehensive rights and roles management to ensure role-based access to the platform and the highest, audit-proof security levels.


Reason #6

Proven Expertise & Trusted Globally

Loyalty Prime is a Highly Specialized Expert You Can Trust for Your Loyalty Program Success – Many High-Level Clients Across the Globe Already Do!

  • With Loyalty Prime you benefit from a highly specialized customer loyalty platform provider. Driving your loyalty program to success with our loyalty platform and dedicated customer success team is our core business, and we work passionately to make that happen every day!
  • We are an expert you can trust. We are already powering many successful enterprise-grade customer loyalty programs for high-level brands across the globe – and across different industries. And we would LOVE to serve YOU next!
  • With Loyalty Prime, you benefit from industry cross-pollination – a loyalty feature becoming en-vogue in one industry often sets new standards for other industries. With our loyalty platform, all new features & developments automatically become available to you as well!
  • You also benefit from our strong partner network – no matter which services or additional technology you need to drive your loyalty program to success, we have a trusted recommendation for you.

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