Loyalty Prime and 3 of our Clients Shortlisted as a Finalist in the Renowned Loyalty Magazine Awards 2020

Munich, March 18, 2020

After winning the renowned Loyalty Award in 2015 with our customer TRW and in 2017 with our customer Fraport, we are very proud to announce that our world leading loyalty platform is again nominated for the Loyalty Magazine Award together with our customers Sky Deutschland and ZF Aftermarket. And there is more good news. Also our client IBL has been shortlisted as a finalist!

So, in summary our clients have been shortlisted as finalist in a staggering 6 categories, greatly demonstrating Prime Cloud’s power of enabling them to create the leading loyalty programs in their industries.

Loyalty Magazine Award Finalist 2020 Loyalty Prime

The 6 Categories Include:

  1. Loyalty Re-Defined
  2. Best Loyalty Industry Innovation
  3. Best New Loyalty Program Launch of the Year
  4. Best Use of Communications (including Social Media)
  5. Best Long-Term Loyalty Program
  6. Best B2B Loyalty Program

Information on the Finalists:

Sky Deutschland GmbH, branded as Sky, is the first media and entertainment company to launch a loyalty program in Germany. Sky is a media company that operates a Pay TV platform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland serving more than four million customers. Sky Deutschland launched their B2C tenure-based loyalty program “Sky Extra” in 2019, targeting their Pay TV subscribers in Germany. The program works exclusively with tiers and does not require any points. Given the engaging and innovative nature of the program, Sky Deutschland enrolled 1 million members into the program within the first 12 months.

ZF Aftermarket, part of the ZF Group, offers car parts as well as integrated solutions to their customers. ZF Aftermarket, headquartered in Germany, is the number two in the global automotive aftermarket. ZF Aftermarket, back then TRW Automotive Aftermarket, launched its B2B loyalty program in 9 European countries in 2011. Over the course of the last 9 years, ZF has continuously evolved the program adding new features and integrating new partners. Today, “proPoints” is one of the main B2B automotive loyalty programs in Europe and attracts many workshops and garages because of its great value-add.

IBL Ltd, is a world-class diversified investment group based in Mauritius. IBL works and invests in a wide range of industries across 22 countries worldwide. In 2019 IBL launched the multi-partner program ‘wiiv rewards’, which allows members to earn and redeem points as well as enjoy benefits at 11 partners. Already 6 months after launch the program has acquired 15% of the population as members. IBL continues to further evolve the program planning to add new partners and program features in the months to come.

We at Loyalty Prime are very proud to serve as Sky’s, ZF Aftermarket’s and IBL Ltd’s trusted partner and keep our fingers crossed for a well-deserved win at the renowned global Loyalty Magazine Awards. Winners will be announced on the 16th of June 2020 – we will keep you posted!

If you are looking for a state-of-the art loyalty platform, too, to power a loyalty program that truly makes a difference for your company’s success we suggest contacting us!