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TRW Aftermarket is part of the ZF division Active & Passive Safety Technology and the leading supplier of ‘Corner Module’ parts (braking, steering and suspension) into the global aftermarket. The B2B multi-partner coalition program “automotive Diamonds” targeting independent aftermarket workshops founded by TRW has brought together global OE suppliers such as DENSO, Philips, Gates & Sogefi under one joint loyalty program across Europe.

Project Scope:

Relaunch of automotive Diamonds, a multi-partner loyalty program for independent aftermarket workshops across 11 countries in Europe (9 languages). Migrated from a legacy single-partner loyalty program to the Enterprise Loyalty System in 2014.

Main Challenges


Fierce competition through automotive parts suppliers of branded and nonbranded products.


No direct communication channel to aftermarket workshops, due to multi- level distribution structures.


No data to validate loyalty and performance of workshops.

Value-Add by Loyalty Prime

Central Loyalty System

Introduced a central loyalty system enabling decentralized management for TRW and all partners.

Rights And Consent Management

Developed an extensive rights and consent management to enable partner self service.

Integrated a Seamless System

Created an integrated and seamless system landscape including all participating partners and the integration of the external rewards shop partner.

Continuous Engagement

Continuous engagement of the workshops through targeted and automated offers based on workshop profile & previous orders.

Targeted Communication

Targeted communication to the workshops configured in 9 languages through content management tool.

Achievements & Results

Automotive Diamonds won the “B2B Loyalty Program of the Year 2015” Award by the international Loyalty Magazine.

Increased new member enrollment. Hundreds of new workshops sign up every month.

Compared to industry standard, automotive Diamonds members open communication emails more often.