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The leading investment group IBL in Mauritius has set up a multi-partner program with more than 11 partners. The investment group is active in 9 different industries and in 22 countries worldwide. They drive numerous innovative projects and benefit from the diversity of their associated companies.

Project Scope:

Introduction of a points-based multi-partner program named “wiiv rewards” with more than 11 partners (supermarket, pharmacy, taxi service, winegrowers, DIY stores …). Members should be able to collect and redeem points in real-time at the point of sale. Additionally, a member portal and a member app should be provided. The participating partners should have flexible possibilities for promotions and obtain insights from the collected data.

Main Challenges


The associated companies saw an increased intensity of competition in the retail sector. The Group was looking for solutions to effectively differentiate from competitors and actively promote customer loyalty through an attractive and powerful customer loyalty program.


Insufficient information to better understand customers and better tailor offers to them. Incomplete data to validate and reward customer loyalty, among other things, because many customers pay with cash.


Real-time integration with partners, so that customers can view, and use collected and redeemed points simultaneously online or in the app at different partners.

Value-Add by Loyalty Prime

Central Loyalty System

Introduction of a central loyalty system, which enables the central management of the program as well as partner-specific promotions.

Integrated Campaign Management Tool

Integration of a campaign management tool to communicate with customers via e-mail or app notifications. Members receive personalized information about the program and notifications when they have collected or redeemed points.

Real-time Connection

Integration of the individual partners to enable the collection and redemption of points in real time.

Provision of Data & Insights

Preparation of the collected data and provision of reports and evaluations to better understand customers and to successfully steer the program.

Achievements & Results

6 months after launch the program has already acquired 15% of the population as members.

The average basket size of members has increased by up to 90%.

The average opening rates of digital push campaigns related to the loyalty program are above 20%.

The “wiiv rewards” program has been recognized with the prestigious Loyalty Magazine Award as the best regional customer loyalty program 2020.