‘Prime Cloud’ Is Your Go-To Loyalty Engine For All Features of Customer Loyalty Programs

‘Prime Cloud’ is the ideal Loyalty Marketing Engine to bring your Loyalty Program to success. We power all of the many types of Loyalty Programs out-of-the box and enable you to gather 360° customer data with our comprehensive and highly flexible feature-set.

With modules like our Loyalty Program Design Configuration & Set-Up, Loyalty Program Admin & Management and Loyalty Marketing Suite, we make it simple to configure your desired program rules and execute your Loyalty Program in a manner that drives the customer behavior you seek. With Prime Cloud as your go-to Loyalty Platform, setting up and launching the Loyalty Program of your dreams is now a reality!

#1. Loyalty Program Design Configuration & Set-Up

With Prime Cloud, you can easily set up a powerful B2C, B2E, or B2B Loyalty Program that fits your individual business needs within an extremely fast time-to-market.

All features required to manage a state-of-the-art Loyalty Program are available out of the box. Different to many of our competitors, our platform empowers you to holistically configure these to your individual requirements.

In addition, you also benefit from our rich integration options as outlined below.

Relevant Prime Cloud Loyalty Platform Features:

Use Prime Cloud to easily configure your Loyalty Program business rules to match your individual business and industry needs, your margins, customers and customer spend patterns, as well as your Loyalty Program goals.

In this way, you can reward & drive the exact customer behavior that you seek in a way that’s profitable to your business.

Curious to learn more about why this is such an important feature and how it works? Then check out our in-depth Loyalty Platform Buyer’s Guide for Marketers that has all the answers!

Use Prime Cloud to set up your desired custom data structures such as your member data, your sales channel, and partner structure, as well as your product/ transactional data.

  • These custom data structures can then be used for pin-pointed incentivation, targeting, segmentation, reporting and analysis purposes.
  • As you can mirror your existing logic in systems such as your CRM, ERP, PMS, or data warehouse, you also deliver a consistent and easily manageable end-2-end data process in your company.

Want to learn more about why this matters and how it works? Then take a look at our guide that covers this topic in more detail!

Our rich API library, based on Open API standards makes Prime Cloud very easy to integrate into any IT system landscape. Alternative integration options include data imports and exports as well as custom integrations. Contact us to learn more!

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#2. Loyalty Program Member Management

The heart of your Loyalty Program are always your valued members!

With our comprehensive Loyalty Program Membership Management Feature, you can enroll as many members as you desire, continuously enrich their profiles with valuable Loyalty Program related data, and reliably manage their loyalty accounts in an audit-proof manner.

With the optional member householding functionality, you can even allow members to combine their loyalty accounts into a joint “householding” account.

Relevant Prime Cloud Loyalty Platform Features:

  • Prime Cloud enables easy enrollment of your members and takes care of the management of your member loyalty accounts in a reliable, audit-proof manner – in real-time, if desired.
  • Prime Cloud is also highly scalable, which means you can start with a small member base and grow at the speed and scope you desire.

With Prime Cloud’s premium householding functionality, you can allow several member accounts to be combined into one “household”.

Members of a household can then earn and redeem incentives together within a hierarchy that aligns with your customer structure. Examples include members of a family, or employees of a company (in a B2B Loyalty Program) belonging to one joint Loyalty Program member household.

#3. Loyalty Program Types

Prime Cloud delivers the rich bouquet of state-of-the-art Loyalty Program Types out of the box to reward and drive exactly the customer behavior you are seeking. The best part: you can mix & match the various Loyalty Program Modules based on your wishes and program goals!

In this way, you unlock the power to:

  • Deliver an amazingly rewarding, unique loyalty experience for your customers.
  • Deliver this in a way that’s highly beneficial and profitable for your business by using the rich business rule configuration options delivered with each Loyalty Program Module!

Relevant Prime Cloud Loyalty Platform Features:

Earn/ Incentivize:

Incentivize the customer behavior of your choice with virtual currencies (such as points, miles, or stars). This could be transactions (such as earn 1 point per $ spent) but also non-transactional behavior such as product reviews or member referrals.

With Prime Cloud, you can also make use of several virtual currencies at the same time, for example a base incentive currency (such as points) and a seasonal incentive (such as Christmas stars).

Redemption/ Rewards:

Allow your members to redeem their virtual currencies for a rich set of reward types and deliver an amazing loyalty experience for your customers! Examples include:

  • Pay-with-Points
  • Physical & Digital Rewards
  • Experiential Rewards
  • Vouchers
  • Benefits
  • Gift Points

Configurable Business Rules:

With the advanced business rule functionality of this Module, you will be able to configure:

  • Earn triggers (such as which exact customer behavior types you would like to incentivize)
  • Earn rules (such as how many points are given out per customer behavior type including exceptions and limitations, if desired, as well as member group specific earn rules)
  • Virtual currency value when being redeemed (configurable per redemption type)
  • Redemption rules (such as when and for what the virtual currency can be redeemed for)
  • Virtual currency validity rules
  • Virtual currency locking rules (for example, lock points for redemption until the return period is over)

By the way, in case you are unsure which rules you need to make your Loyalty Program successful, we are here to help with our award-winning “Calibrate – Configure – Go – Achieve” Methodology that gives you the answers in no time. Contact us to learn more!

Earn/ Incentivize:

Allow your members to earn a certain tier level based on their behavior.

Redemption/ Rewards:

Give your members access to a rewarding world of benefits depending on their tier level. Examples include:

  • Higher tiers earn more points for designated customer behavior
  • Bonus points credit
  • Access to special tier-based promotions
  • Vouchers
  • Other benefits such as free shipping

Configurable Business Rules:

With Prime Cloud you can easily configure:

  • Which customer behavior types count as earn events to reach and keep a tier (such as number of status points earned, spend value, and frequency)
  • The validity rules for tiers
  • The benefits attached to the tiers
  • The rule sets for the redemption of the connected benefits, for example, each member is awarded 1x 10% discount voucher per year.

Another state-of-the-art possibility to build great relationships with your customers is to introduce special member groups that can be engaged with relevant communication, promotions, and incentives targeted to their special interests & needs.

Examples could be a “VIP / Honors Club”, a “Student Group”, a “Baby’s Club”, a “Gourmet Circle”, a “Sustainability Tribe”, or a special group for your company’s employees.

Similar to the Tier Based Module, you can easily configure:

  • Which customer behavior types count as earn events to gain access to the member group(s) or which other eligibility criteria you would like to define.
  • The benefits attached to the group(s).
  • The validity of the group membership (can also be unlimited).
  • The rule sets for the redemption of the connected benefits.

Unlock one of the most effective types of marketing out there – word of mouth marketing – by using Prime Cloud’s Referral Program Module.

As always, you have the option to configure sophisticated business rules for this module.

Some examples include:

  • Option 1: If a member A refers a member B, member A receives reward X
  • Option 2: If a member A refers a member B, member B receives reward X
  • Option 3: If a member A refers a member B AND member B makes the first purchase, member A receives reward X and member B reward Y

You are also able to define limitations, member group specific referral earn rules and more.

You can also use Prime Cloud to configure & manage a Coalition Loyalty Program with multiple program partners.

This Module includes:

  • Partner individual data structures
  • Partner-specific earn & redemption rules
  • Liabilities settling with partners
  • and more.

Contact us for more details!

Are you a global player and need a Loyalty Solution from an experienced provider in multi-country Loyalty Programs? Look no further!

With Prime Cloud’s Multi-Country Loyalty Program Module you can easily set up a global, enterprise-grade Loyalty Program with:

  • Country individual data structures
  • Country specific business rules
  • Global program administration and/ or individual, per-country program administration.

Contact us to learn more!

Prime Cloud’s Surprise & Delight Module is another great lever to boost customer satisfaction rates and to earn yourself some beautiful word-of-mouth marketing:

With this Module, you can reward your members with a surprise once they reach an internally predefined but externally undisclosed interaction level with your company.

Surprises could be:

  • A gift in the form of bonus points credited to the member’s account
  • Access to special promotions
  • Vouchers (like a discount voucher)
  • A physical or digital gift
  • An experiential award (such as a VIP event ticket)
  • Other benefits

As with the other Modules, you have rich business rule configurability options to choose from:

  • Earn events/triggers : Choose which behavior types you would like to incentivize as part of your Surprise & Delight Module. These earn events are tracked in the backend and aren’t disclosed to the member.
  • Earn thresholds: Define which earn event thresholds unlock the surprise given out to members. This could be a certain spend frequency or transaction value by the member within a defined time period.
  • Earn rules: Define which surprises are given out for which earn event thresholds, including exceptions, limitations and member-specific earn rules.

With the Prime Cloud Gamification Module, you can spice up your Loyalty Program with gamified elements such as raffles, leaderboards, and digital batches.

Contact us to learn more!

Prime Cloud’s Cashback Loyalty Module enables you to easily manage “cashback rewards”. Allow your members to receive direct cashback for their purchases or to redeem their points for money cashback.

As with the other Modules you can easily configure the Cashback Module with your desired business rules (such as earn events, earn rules, redemption rules).

Rock like Amazon!

With Prime Cloud’s Subscription Loyalty Module you can:

  • Make your customers pay a fee to take part in your Loyalty Program
  • Or require your members to pay a fee to gain access to a premium level of your Program

In return for their fee, members receive access to a great set of benefits that you can define as desired.

Introduce your own credit card with a partner financial institute of your choice and allow your members to collect a virtual currency when paying with the credit card (this is a great option for re-financing your program).

Prime Cloud takes care of incentivizing the transactions made with the payment card according to the rule set defined by you.

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#4. Advanced Tracking, Incentivizing & Rewarding Functionality

One of the core goals of a Loyalty Program is to deeply understand, incentivize and drive the customer behavior you seek. With our Advanced Tracking, Incentivizing and Rewarding Functionality, you achieve this fundamental benefit of a Loyalty Program with ease!

How? All you need to do is configure Prime Cloud for a business rule set defined by you!

Relevant Prime Cloud Loyalty Platform Features:

With Prime Cloud, you can easily configure which types of behavior you would like to track and reward your members for. In loyalty industry jargon, we refer to these as “earn triggers” or “earn events”.

With Prime Cloud you can track, incentivize, and drive:

  • Transactional behavior: includes transaction value, volume, frequency, as well as time or place/ channel of purchase or type of products purchased (in any combination!)
  • Loyalty Program related behavior: such as enrollment, redemption, reaching a new tier, and anniversary
  • Non transactional behavior: such as brand advocacy, engagement and co-creation (such as product reviews, social media activity) as well as sharing additional profile information, newsletter subscription, and many more!

Easily configure which types of incentives you would like to give out to your members for your defined “earn triggers”.

Examples include:

  • Virtual currencies
  • Vouchers
  • Tier levels
  • Surprises
  • Gamified incentives
  • Cashback

Next, define exactly within which rule-sets you want to incentivize the various customer behavior types to deliver a high ROI.

Examples include:

  • How many points (or other incentives) do your members earn for the various customer behavior types (earn triggers)?
  • Are there are any limitations or exceptions to this?

If you would like more details about the available business rules per Loyalty Program Type, you can refer back to the Loyalty Program Type Modules above!

With Prime Cloud, you can easily configure what points can be redeemed for and/or what other types of rewards your members receive (for example when reaching a new tier).

Examples include:

  • Pay-with-points
  • Donate points
  • Gift points
  • Physical & digital rewards
  • Experiential rewards
  • Vouchers
  • Benefits

With Prime Cloud, you have rich options to configure your redemption rules.

This includes for example:

  • The value of the virtual currency (such as points) upon redemption
  • The validity of the virtual currency for redemption
  • Exceptions & limitations for redemption

Check the Loyalty Program Type Modules above for details!

Prime Cloud offers rich voucher capabilities, so that customers can be rewarded with vouchers directly or redeem their loyalty currency for vouchers.

Examples include:

  • Money vouchers
  • Service or product vouchers
  • Discount & promotion vouchers
  • Third party vouchers or gift cards.

With Prime Cloud, you can easily generate, manage, and track unique Loyalty Program voucher codes or external voucher code series.

#5. Loyalty Marketing Suite

With Prime Cloud’s Loyalty Marketing Suite, you keep your members engaged and excited by consistently providing them with relevant, personalized offers, and promotions.

As a Loyalty Marketer this empowers you to drive your goals around customer satisfaction, retention, revenue, profitability, and advocacy.

Relevant Prime Cloud Loyalty Platform Features:

With Prime Cloud, you can easily create and manage powerful, targeted promotions to drive the behavior you seek.

Benefit from highly configurable promotion rules that allow you to define:

  • Target segments: who receives the promotion?
  • Promotion time: when should the promotion will be active?
  • Earn Triggers: which customer behavior types will the member be incentivized for? You can be highly targeted here and combine a multitude of attributes here, such as transaction type, volume, value, frequency, time, place, and more!
  • Incentives: what will the member receive if they qualify for the promotion? This could be bonus points or a points multiplier for transaction value, for example.

Prime Cloud also offers a Couponing/ Promo Activation Feature to focus on incentivizing incremental behavior. This means that the member has to activate the promotion first (in your member portal) in order to benefit from it. Prime Cloud will then check for the “activation yes” attribute first before crediting the earn incentivize to the member account.

Configure triggered notifications or communications to members based on their Loyalty Program related behavior.

Define the events you would like to send out communication to your members for to keep them engaged with your Loyalty Program.

Examples include:

  • Welcome/ successful enrollment
  • Status-level-upgrade
  • Successful earn-transaction
  • Successful redemption
  • Member’s birthday
  • Points are going to expire soon
  • Referral activated/completed

Once a defined trigger takes place, Prime Cloud can push this info to an integrated campaign management/ email tool (such as Mailchimp).

This tool will contain a corresponding template to convert the event trigger into an email that can be personalized to the member.

With Prime Cloud, you can easily target promotions, incentivization, and communication based on segments.

Use Prime Cloud to create segments based on member behavior or attributes or upload segments you have created in other marketing & data tools!

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#6. Reporting & BI

Use the 360° customer data that you collect with your Loyalty Program powered by Prime Cloud to:

  • Deeply understand your customers, the value they bring to your company, and how to profitably drive the behavior you seek from them.
  • Continuously optimize your Loyalty Program tactics for a high ROI.
  • Continuously optimize your marketing and company as a whole – spanning across all 4 Ps (product, price, promotion, place).

Relevant Prime Cloud Loyalty Platform Features:

If you already have a BI tool, conveniently use our Json export to feed into this. As your data structure will be set up in a way that reflects your existing data structures (see Loyalty Program Set-Up & Configuration) this will only be smooth sailing!

Unleash the immense power of a data driven continuous optimization & management approach using the high-end BI & data analytics tool Google Looker, which is fully integrated with Prime Cloud.

#7. Loyalty Program Admin & Management:

Prime Cloud makes the administration and management of your Loyalty Program easy and convenient:

Benefit from a configurable role-based access to our intuitive Loyalty Platform UI, enable your customer service team with a dedicated Customer Service Module and make use of rich Accounting and Auditing features!

Relevant Prime Cloud Loyalty Platform Features:

Prime Cloud offers everything required to successfully manage a powerful Loyalty Program within an intuitive and pleasant to use user interface.

With our Prime Cloud UI you can administer all core functionalities of your Loyalty Program:

  • Loyalty Program set-up and business rule configurations
  • Admin & management of the Loyalty Program Type Modules, the Loyalty Marketing Suite as well as the BI functionalities.
  • Prime Cloud user management configurations (including configuring rights and roles, adding and removing users, password management, and more).

Empower your customer service team to add to an amazing Loyalty Program experience with Prime Cloud’s Customer Service Module.

With this module, your customer service team:

  • Gains access to comprehensive member dashboards with the relevant Loyalty Program related data (such as points balance statement, points expiry dates, status level) to answer member enquiries.
  • Can perform manual actions, such as points adjustments, account merge, or managing card-related issues.

Prime Cloud will make your accounting team happy!

  • Prime Cloud enables audit-proof documentation of points and reward liabilities for accounting.
  • It also enables cross-partner/cross-departmental points clearing and settlement in a coalition/more complex Loyalty Program set-up.

With Prime Cloud, you benefit from comprehensive logs of activities performed with the platform that can be used for security and auditing purposes. The comprehensive activity logging can be organized and retrieved by:

  • Function
  • User
  • Activity

#8. Platform Add-On Technology

For a best-of-breed approach, Prime Cloud is integrated with top-notch add-on technology to complement your loyalty tech stack. This includes communication solutions (digital member portals and email and campaign management tools) as well as market leading data & BI tools.

The platform add-on technology stack is continually being expanded, so contact us to get the full overview!

Relevant Prime Cloud Loyalty Platform Features:

Make use of our Member Portals that can be branded according to your CI. As these are already fully integrated with Prime Cloud, we can get them up & running for you within an extremely fast time-to-market.

Options include:

  • Mobile responsive website
  • Mobile first framework (Google Flutter)
  • Native mobile app (iOS, Android)

Contact us for more details!

In case you do not have your own email and campaign management tool yet, we can help you with solutions that are already fully integrated with Prime Cloud. Examples include Mailchimp and WarpIt – contact us for details!

In order to structure and share the rich data your Loyalty Program will generate, we have created two access channels to ensure it aligns with your existing infrastructure:

  • Export to your existing BI tool (such as Tableau, Microsoft BI, and more)
  • Report and dashboard creation in Google Looker (embedded into Prime Cloud)
  • Both of the above!

If you would like to use another tool, you can of course contact us to learn more!

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#9. Professional Services

The amazing features & benefits delivered by our Prime Cloud Loyalty Platform are completed with our Professional Services that we deliver as part of our award-winning ‘Calibrate – Configure – Go – Achieve’ Methodology:

New to the loyalty world and aren’t sure how to start and which Loyalty Program Design will deliver top results?

Don’t worry! The “Calibrate” Step of our signature CCGA Methodology has got you covered!

We have poured our decades of loyalty experience into a questionnaire-based Program Design Service where our Loyalty Experts create a program design that achieves your goals and matches your individual requirements – in no time!

Have we piqued your interest? Contact us to learn more!

Benefit from our experienced onboarding team and services that have your Loyalty Program up and running within an extremely fast time-to-market.

Comprehensive training, readily available, 24/7 customer service, and a dedicated customer success team give you all the knowledge and help you need drive your Loyalty Program to great success using Prime Cloud.

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