Our leading loyalty platform is developed with an API first approach. This ensures a seamless integration into your existing IT system landscape because the relevant functionality is directly accessible via the APIs you need.

We follow OpenAPI standard guidelines and specification (RESTful APIs) for all our APIs, including detailed, interactive documentation to ensure a quick and simple integration.

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Loyalty Platform API Integrations by Category

A sample of our available APIs is included below – contact us to get access to the full documentation!

Loyalty api About

API Name Function Served
GET /about Returns the Prime Cloud version info.

Loyalty api Audit

API Name Function Served
GET /audits Lists the audit log history.


API Name Function Served
GET /deposits/{key}/
Points/account statement: An account statement for the account associated with the given point type is returned.
GET /deposits/{key}/
Redeemable points balance: The redeemable points balance excludes all non-redeemable points (e.g. blocked points) from the balance. Accordingly, the API will return a balance of 0 if the account is configured to be non-redeemable (e.g. status points).
POST /deposits/{key}/
Points redemption: Redeem points from a membership account to its corresponding sponsor.
POST /deposits/{key}/
Points adjustment: Adjust points from a membership account with its corresponding sponsor.
POST /deposits/
Redemption reversal: Reverses a point redemption based on its receipt.
POST /deposits/
Points transfer: Transfers points from source membership to target membership.

Loyalty api Exports

API Name Function Served
GET /exports/templates Returns a list of all available custom templates or filter/sort the list of templates by using optional parameter.
GET /exports/{template} Creates a new data export and returns it in the specified format.

Loyalty api Imports

API Name Function Served
Queue JSON bulk import: Queues a new JSON import of a bulk of records of the specified import type.
GET /imports/report Import batches report: Returns report containing all import batches queued in the system and their status.
GET /imports/{key} Batch report with filtered records list: Returns report containing batch info with filtered records.
POST /csvimports/
Queue CSV bulk import: Queues a new JSON import of a bulk of records of the specified import type.
GET /imports/
Returns a list of all available import types.
GET /imports/
Cancels a currently running import process.
GET /imports/
Queues a previous import: Marks a cancelled or failed import process for resumption.
GET /imports/
Queues previous imports of a type: Marks cancelled or failed import processes of a specified type for resumption.

Loyalty api Membership

API Name Function Served
GET /memberships Search membership information.
POST /memberships Enroll a new membership.
GET /memberships/
Return accounts managed with membership.
GET /memberships/
Return membership details.
PUT /memberships/
Update membership details.
GET /memberships/
Return legal entity information.
PUT /memberships/type/
Create or update a legal entity.
POST /memberships/
Merge two memberships.
POST /memberships/
Membership claim.
POST /memberships/
Legal entity cancellation.
POST /memberships/
Membership cancellation.
POST /memberships/
Add alternate Id to the membership.
DELETE /memberships/
Delete alternate Id of the membership.
GET /memberships/
Get all cards related to the membership.
GET /memberships/
Get all cards issued to the legal entity.
PUT /memberships/
Create or update card of legal entity.
DELETE /memberships/
Delete card.
GET /memberships/
Get remarks of a membership.


API Name Function Served
GET /loyaltyops/
Acknowledge the reception of a list of new events with optional “limit”.
GET /loyaltyops/
Filtered list of events.

Loyalty api Promotion

API Name Function Served
GET /promos/channel/
List channel data.
GET /promos/product/
Search products information.
GET /promos/product/
Return product details.
GET /promos/program Return program info.
GET /promos/product/
Get filtered list of Master Categories.
GET /promos/product/
Get filtered list of Category Values.
POST /promos/product/
Sets custom category and assigns products to it.


API Name Function Served
GET /tx Transaction history: Returns basic transaction history information that matches the provided filter criteria.
POST /tx Post a client transaction for evaluation of points earning according to promotion rules. Performs the evaluation and books the calculated points *if* a transaction Id is given (“txId”). If no txId is given, just the calculated points are returned, but no points are booked.
POST /tx/reversal Performs a reversal of transaction marked with the given receiptId.
GET /tx/{txId}/details Transaction details: Return details about the specified transaction with line items and properties.
GET /tx/rewardsHistory Transaction rewards list: Return list of transactions that were saved by TxArchiver.
GET /tx/{txId}/
Transaction rewards details: Return transaction details with the list of rewards saved by TxArchiver


API Name Function Served
GET /voucher/types List available voucher types.
GET /voucher/{token}/
Return information about an issued voucher.
GET /voucher List vouchers.
POST /voucher/{type}/
Issue a voucher of the given type to an optional recipient (if no recipient is given, the voucher will be marked as issued and can be converted by any member).
POST /voucher/{token}/
Convert a voucher if the voucher is valid: The voucher will be validated and if it is valid, will be marked as converted.
POST /voucher/type Create a new voucher type.
POST /voucher/{token}/
Revokes a voucher from the specified recipient.

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Yes of course. Your IT team will love our comprehensive, interactive, and developer-friendly Loyalty API documentation. They will also love the fact that we follow OpenAPI standard guidelines and specification (RESTful APIs) for all our APIs. Simply contact us to get access to the full documentation of our Loyalty APIs!

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