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Utilize Prime Cloud’s Powerful Loyalty CRM Profile & Servicing Functionalities to Create a Great Customer Experience

The powerful basis or “gold nuggets” of your loyalty program are, of course, your valued program members. To create a best possible customer experience, Prime Cloud enables state-of-the art member account management and smoothly delivers valuable loyalty data & additional tools for your effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Customer Care / Helpdesk Module:

With Prime Cloud all relevant loyalty member profile data will be delivered in an intuitive member dashboard that can be accessed by qualified user groups such as your helpdesk / call center agents or POS outlet managers (see also Feature 9 -Program Admin & Management). The member profile data will include, amongst others:

  • Points balance & points expiry dates
  • Purchase transaction & voucher redemption history
  • Status level & eligibility for benefits

Additional advantage: the member profiles within Prime Cloud also include member-stage-tracking information that can be utilized within your Customer Life Cycle Management and targeting. Member stages could be for example:

  • Card issued
  • Customer enrolled
  • 3-months-active member
  • 12-months-active member
  • Inactive member

The helpdesk module also allows for relevant manual actions such as:

  • Points issuance/ reversal/ transfer
  • Account merge
  • Manual status upgrades
  • Card replacement/ blocking

Member Virtual Currency & Benefit Account Management

Prime Cloud reliably manages the virtual currencies as well as any other defined loyalty benefits on a per-member basis. Additional advantage: with our state-of-the art Prime Cloud Loyalty Engine, the virtual currency & benefit management is offered in real-time and in an audit-proof manner.

Unlimited, Scalable Number of Member Accounts:

With Prime Cloud you can set up an infinite number of member accounts with their key personal data & continually enrich them with relevant loyalty program related data.

Additional advantage: Prime Cloud seamlessly scales with your needs, i.e. you can start with a small number of members and grow infinitely large at any desired pace.