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Make Your Loyalty Program Fully GDPR Compliant and Ensure Highest Security & Data Protection Standards

Make Your Loyalty Program Fully GDPR Compliant and Ensure Highest Security & Data Protection Standards

  • Our Prime Cloud Loyalty Software delivers everything required to make your loyalty program fully GDPR compliant.
  • Our team of loyalty program experts & consultants can guide you through the loyalty program related GDPR requirements to clear off any doubts you have.
  • Additionally, you can rest assured Loyalty Prime is a highly trustworthy partner, dedicated to delivering the highest possible data protection & security standards at all times. As an additional proof for this, our company has been ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

The GDPR Requirements in a Nutshell

So, in essence, what is GDPR about? GDPR is the next iteration of the EU’s 1995 Directive on Data Protection to ensure customers’ personal privacy rights are lawfully protected in our data-driven high-tech economies. The most important aspects of GDPR are:

  • Consent: GDPR clarifies the customers’ ownership of their own data. If companies want to use it, they need the customers’ explicit permission for every type of use, which can be withdrawn by the customer at any time.
  • Access & Right for Erasure: It is also required that customers are given access to the data stored about them and they can request for their data to be deleted.
  • Data Minimization: The personal data stored shall be “adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose or purposes for which they were collected or are further processed”, according to GDPR. Also, companies shall only hold personal data for as long as necessary for its purpose(s).
  • Data Security: GDPR also requires companies to protect personal data by appropriate security levels.
  • Reporting of data processing activities: To demonstrate that companies are lawfully processing personal data, they need to keep a data processing record which includes relevant information such as the categories of personal data being processed, the purpose of processing, the retention period etc.

GDPR Compliance Made Easy – with Prime Cloud

So how does Prime Cloud ensure that you, as a loyalty program operator, will be GDPR compliant?

  • Consent Management & Access: Prime Cloud provides a configurable option to manage different consent categories for which customers could provide their consent for, such as: “multi-channel communication”, “profiling/segmentation”, “analysis for reporting” and “marketing/direct campaigns participation”, etc. Standard APIs are readily available to capture the consent and fetch the stored information when required/requested by you or your members. Based on the consent provided by the member, processing activities are performed through the Prime Cloud system.
  • Right for Erasure: Prime Cloud provides a well-designed framework that has the capability to delete data following a member’s request. This is also reflected in the audit log tables and all other sub-systems’ databases which are part of the Prime Cloud offering. Upon every deletion event of a member record, a log entry is created for tracking and reporting purposes.
  • Data Security: Prime Cloud’s 256-bit SHA encryption mechanism ensures secured storage and transfer of personal data. Data fetching and rendering is protected through SSL secured channels. Also, any data export and transfer to entitled third-party systems is in conformance to relevant security standards.
  • Audit Logging: Prime Cloud’s enhanced audit logging of personal data tracks any modifications of data across all interfaces. It ensures that you, as a program operator, can lawfully provide relevant reports of your data processing activities.

The above represents just a very brief summary of GDPR’s requirements & how Prime Cloud will help you in adhering to them. Contact us today to learn more!