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Reward the Behavior You Seek – with the Most Engaging Real-Time Customer Incentive Possibilities in the Market

The indispensable basis of any successful loyalty program is to effectively incentivize and thus foster the behavior you seek of your valued members. For this purpose, Prime Cloud offers a most comprehensive set of incentive (“earn”) options that make driving your customers’ behavior as easy as a “walk in the park”.

Numerous Earn Triggers: Purchased-based & Gamified Event-based

Firstly, Prime Cloud enables you to easily incentivize the purchases of your customers – be it in-store, online or mobile – within any desired rule-set defined by you.
As Prime Cloud knows that a great customer-brand relationship encompasses much more than only purchases, it also allows you to incentivize non-purchase-based actions that you deem valuable. Only your imagination is the limit – as Prime Cloud can take care of incentivizing any trackable event related to your members’ behavior. Examples include member-gets-member, social media engagement, taking part in surveys, taking part in POS events or sharing product reviews.
Additional Prime Cloud highlight: In an age of “instant gratification”, customers have high expectations when it comes to their “earn” experience. With its real-time earn functionality Prime Cloud has got you covered as points (and benefits) can be credited instantly = in real-time.

Multiple Earn Types: Virtual Currencies, Cashback or Benefits

Choose from a wide range of earn types. With Prime Cloud, members can be incentivized via:

  • Virtual currencies (points, miles etc.)
  • Direct money cashback
  • Other benefits (such as free delivery, priority queuing etc.)
  • Or any combination of the above

Additional Prime Cloud highlight: Our platform allows you to create & manage not only one but multiple virtual currencies at the same time to keep your program exciting and attractive. In addition to a base currency you can, for instance, make use of promotional incentive currencies (e.g. Xmas Stars) or introduce a currency to reward the years of a customer’s membership or his lifetime value.

Base Incentivation & Promotion-Based Incentives

All of the above earn triggers & types can be utilized

  • as a standard “base incentivation” permanently offered to your customers
  • and as temporarily available promotional incentives.

The result: In combination with the additional possibilities offered by Prime Cloud’s state-of-the-art Marketing Engine, you’ll have an outstandingly rich tool-set at your fingertips to effectively drive customer behavior.

Easy Earn Administration & Management

Not only does Prime Cloud offer numerous incentive options, it also makes management of the same perfectly smooth, easy and reliable. With Prime Cloud you can define and edit incentive rules, currency values as well as expiry rules for each of your virtual currencies or benefits in just a few clicks. Automated virtual currency issuance & redemption reports, including related monetary values, allow for a smooth clearing between company entities and / or program operator and program partners. Finally, the virtual currency & benefit accounts of your members are reliably managed with Prime Cloud in an audit-proof manner on a per-member basis.