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Effectively Drive Customer Behavior with Prime Cloud’s Powerful Loyalty Marketing Engine

One of loyalty programs’ keys to success is smart, target-oriented member engagement: Your members will need to be excited & engaged with a continuous stream of relevant, personalized offers, promotions and communication. These marketing measures must, at the same time, effectively drive customer behavior & deliver the desired ROI. Prime Cloud understands this need and offers a powerful marketing engine accordingly. Key features of Prime Cloud’s market-leading Loyalty Marketing Engine include:

Purchase-Based Promotions

With Prime Cloud you can easily run sophisticated promotions and campaigns that incentivize your members’ purchases. Even complex rule-sets based on your desired criteria, such as transaction values, product/ service type, location, date, etc. are easily manageable. Examples could be:

  • “Earn 10x Points for your next purchase of chocolates until the end of the month!”
  • “Receive a free room upgrade on your next booking of a 3-night minimum stay with us. Offer valid for the first 1000 bookings!”
  • “Earn a cashback of 10 $/₤/€ on your next purchase of brand “X” consumer electronics above 100 $/₤/€ at store “Y” till May 31st!”

Gamified & Event-Triggered Promotions

In our highly digitalized, “saturated” societies, great customer-brand relationships need to be about much more than purchases. For this reason, Prime Cloud powers promotions that use non-purchase related customer behavior as a trigger to reward members. Only your imagination is the limit – as Prime Cloud can take care of incentivizing any trackable event related to your members’ behavior. This can include member-gets-member, social media engagement, taking part in surveys, taking part in POS events or sharing product reviews etc. Examples could be:

  • “You like us? We’ll love you back. Receive 100 Points for your like of our Facebook page!”
  • “Receive 500 Reward Points for your next successful friend referral!”


Just as important as the type & value of a promotion is its communication. As coupons are a tested and proven mechanism for effective promotion communication, Prime Cloud has a useful coupon functionality built into its feature-set. With this you can generate & manage loyalty-related, targeted promotion coupons. Coupon promotion and incentive values can easily be defined and mapped with desired member target segments with just a few clicks.


The secret of the unparalleled effectiveness of promotions carried out within loyalty programs is simple: targeting. With the Prime Cloud targeting functionality you can make sure to incentivize members with exactly the right amount at the right point in time. Example: an inactive customer might need a higher “motivation” to be called back into your store than your everyday shopper, who in turn will be happy about some bonus recognition for his “super-loyalty” status from time to time.

Define Limits & Track ROI

Prime Cloud helps you set up limits for bonus promotions so that you don’t end up exceeding your allocated budgets. These limits could be in the form of maximum points to be spent or defined as a maximum number of customers to be awarded. With an in-built ROI calculator, you are able to automatically track & report the returns on investment on the promotion that you are running.

Event-Triggered Notifications & Communication

In addition, Prime Cloud has a beautiful communication trigger functionality built into its feature-set – making sure that customers are engaged with relevant communication upon defined events / actions. Triggered notifications / communication can easily be configured within Prime Cloud and then sent and tracked via external email / SMS / campaign management systems. Examples include: welcome-, status-level-upgrade-, points-expiry-, earn-transaction-, burn-transaction-, birthday-email or -SMS.