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Deliver a State-Of-The-Art Program of Any Type & Complexity with Ease

Prime Cloud’s flexible architecture supports all industry verticals and any type of loyalty program – from low to medium to even the highest complexity. You can set up multiple partners, differing data structures, product categories, locations and more without any challenge on Prime Cloud. We are thus able to smoothly deliver a loyalty program that is exactly tailored to your needs, business goals and industry requirements.

Loyalty Program Types – Some Examples

Types Based on Channel
  • Offline Loyalty Programs
  • Online Loyalty Programs
  • Omnichannel Loyalty Programs
Types Based on Incentivation Mode
  • Points-Based Loyalty Programs
  • Cashback-Based Loyalty Programs
  • Benefits-Only Loyalty Programs
  • Any combination of the above
Types Based on Partner-Set-up
  • Stand-Alone (=Single-Brand/ Company) Loyalty Programs
  • Stand-Alone Loyalty Programs with Affiliate Partners
  • Coalition (= Multi-Partner/ Multi-Brand) Loyalty Programs
Types Based on Target Audience
  • B2C (Business to Customer) Loyalty Programs
  • B2B (Business to Business) Loyalty Programs
  • B2B2C (Business to Business to Customers) Loyalty Programs
  • B2E (Business to Employees) Loyalty Programs
Types Based on Membership Types
  • Paid (“Premium”) Membership / Subscription-Based Loyalty Programs
  • Non-Paid Membership Loyalty Programs
  • Tier-Level-Based
  • Loyalty Programs Loyalty Programs without Status Levels
Types Based on Membership Identifier
  • Plastic-Card-Based Loyalty Programs
  • Digital-Card-Based Loyalty Programs
  • Programs With Any Other Member Identifier (e.g. mobile number)
  • Any combination of the above

Types Based on Region
  • Regional Loyalty Programs
  • National Loyalty Programs
  • International/ Multi-Country Loyalty Programs

The above can be delivered in any combination and for any industry. If you are interested to read more about some of the industries served by Prime Cloud click here.