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Unleash the Power of Status Levels & Special Member Groups to Drive Customer Behavior

Another powerful loyalty program mechanism offered by Prime Cloud are tier levels or – non-status but attribute-driven – special member groups.

Tier Levels

The leading loyalty programs of the world have exemplified the power of using status levels (= tier levels) to:
a) motivate members to increase their activity & spending
b) reward & treat members “appropriately” with regards to their status.
The motivation of customers to reach the next level usually not only stems from the rewards & benefits waiting for them in that level, but also from the gratification experienced by being (socially / personally) recognized as being “special” and worthy of an elevated member status.

Special Member Groups

Another state-of-the-art possibility to build great relationships with your customers is to introduce special member groups, that can then be engaged with relevant communication, promotions and incentives targeted to their special interests & needs.
Examples could be a “Students Group”, a “Baby’s Club”, a “Gourmet Circle”, a “Sustainability Tribe”, or of course also a “VIP / Honors Club” or a special group for your company’s employees etc.

Subscription-Based (Paid) Group or Tier Level Membership

As another state-of-the-art loyalty program feature, Prime Cloud offers a paid-membership functionality. With this, customers can directly reach a desired status level or become the member of a specific member group by purchasing a subscription for the same. The power of such subscription-based membership models in driving revenue and profit generated by the paying members has been exemplified by leading brands such as Amazon (Amazon Prime) amongst others and is now readily available for you to make use of with our platform as well!

Tier Level / Group Set-Up & Management Including Benefits Management

Again – setting up & managing status levels or special member groups is incredibly easy with Prime Cloud: With just a few clicks you can define your desired number of status levels or member groups and flexibly assign upgrade, retention and benefit rules depending on the criteria of your choice (e.g. number of status points earned, spend frequency etc.). Benefits can easily be assigned to members depending on their membership status and then reliably managed on a per-member basis.
Examples of possible benefits include:

  • Higher base incentivation
  • Special vouchers & coupons
  • Free and / or faster delivery
  • Invitations to money-can’t-buy-events
  • VIP queuing
  • Personal stylist / shopping assistant service
  • One free coffee per week
  • Free room upgrade