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Offer an Outstanding Redemption (“Burn”) Experience That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

Incentivizing members with the collection of virtual currencies & benefits (“earning”) is just one pillar of a successful loyalty program of course. Just as important is the customers’ redemption experience. With a powerful set-up for redemption or “burning”, Prime Cloud completes the picture for a rewarding loyalty experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Virtual Currency Redemption for Online & Offline Purchases

Prime Cloud offers the required IT intelligence & infrastructure so that customers can use their points / virtual currency to pay for their purchases. The Pay-with-Points functionality is offered in real-time and is possible via any channel, i.e. at a POS/ in-store, online or mobile.

Redemption Via Physical & Digital Vouchers

In addition, Prime Cloud offers rich voucher capabilities, so that customers can redeem their loyalty currency for money vouchers, service vouchers, product vouchers, discount vouchers, third-party vouchers etc. With Prime Cloud you can easily generate, manage and track unique loyalty program related voucher codes or external voucher code series. For a best possible customer experience real-time voucher validation is a standard.

Virtual Currency Redemption for Digital & Physical Reward Products

Moreover, Prime Cloud allows you to easily integrate with one or multiple internal or external reward shops / suppliers, enabling seamless delivery of physical & digital rewards to customers. The calculation of required points for redemption from the products’ cash value is performed in real-time by our Prime Cloud Loyalty Engine.