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Loyalty Platform API Category Overview

Our platform provides an extensive set of APIs for quick integration to various systems, such as Enrolment API, Point Status Check API, Status Benefit Check API or Transaction API. Browse the various API categories and learn more about each API:

API Short Description


Generate access Token APIThis API generates an access token (Auth Token) that needs to be used for invoking all APIs with OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Earn & Burn

All Transaction APIThis API will return the points that a member (or a guest account) would collect against all the live promotions basis the transaction details that are sent.
Basket Point Evaluation APIThis API will return the points that a member (or a guest account) would collect against all the live promotions basis the transaction details that are sent.
Earn APIThis API will calculate and post the points in to a member’s account basis the transaction details and the promotion rules that are applicable for the transaction.
Earn Reversal APIThis API reverses a complete points earn transaction by a member by posting negative (reversal) point transactions
Event Rewarding APIThis API rewards a member with bonus points based on any event/action done by a member e.g. reward points on social media activity, survey participation etc.
Lock PointsThis API locks (block points from being redeemed) a points transaction from a member’s account
Partial Earn Reversal APIThis API allows the partial reversal of earn transactions (e.g. Returned a few items and not the complete basket) by reversing the original transaction and recalculating points on the basis of remaining products.
Redeem Points Voucher APIThis API issues a redemption voucher while redeeming a member’s points.
Redemption APIThis API redeems a member’s points.
Redemption Reversal APIThis API credits the points back to a member’s account by reversing any redemption transaction.
Unlock Points APIThis API unlocks (make points redeemable) a locked points transaction.

Member Authentication & Registration

Card Validate APIThis API authenticates a membership card number and provides the stage (status) of a member.
EnrollmentThis API enrolls a customer as a member in to the loyalty program. It can also be used for updating the member enrollment details.
Login APIThis API authenticates a member through their login credentials (web / app)
Logout APIThis API terminate the member current session and logs a member out of a website or mobile app, in which the member has logged-in.
Member AuthenticationThis API allows a member to setup or update a PIN / Password for points redemption transactions.

Member Details

Add Member CurrencyThis API adds a member’s preferred currency
Card ReplacementThis API replaces the old card number with a new card number for a member
Change Password APIThis API allows a member to change their password.
Forgot Password APIThis API sends an email (to the registered email address of the member) with a link enabling the member to reset their password.
Get All Benefits APIThis API provides the list of benefits with the available limits left for usage for a member.
Get All Offers APIThis API provides the list of all the available benefits including benefit vouchers for a member.
Get Member Points Expiry APIThis API provides details about already expired or upcoming points to expire for a member
Get Member Subscription APIThis API provides the list of all the subscriptions mapped to member
Member Account HistoryThis API provides the non-points activity history a member including Enrollment, Tier/Status movement history, Benefit Redemption.
Member IdentityThis API adds or updates an alias for a member
Member Info APIThis API provides the details of a member including profile and points related information.
Member Info by Alias IDThis API provides the profile details and point balance information of a member using an Alias Id.
Point Expiry APIThis API expires the number of reward points from a member’s account as per expiry percentage specified in API request parameter from the balance.
Point status check APIThis API adds or updates an alias for a member.
Status Benefit Check APIThis API checks whether the member is eligible for a benefit or benefit vouchers . This API also avails an eligible benefit or issues a benefit voucher to a member.
Subscription CancellationThis API will cancel a valid subscription(s) of a member.
Transaction History APIThis API provides the points transaction history of a given member. It contains all point earning, redemption, reversal and expiry transactions.
Voucher AllocationThis API allocates a benefit or a benefit voucher to a member irrespective of their tier.
Voucher Authentication APIThis API is used to authenticate a unique voucher code (issued to a member) and then mark it as “used”. So that a voucher is only used once.
Voucher History APIThis API provides the list of used and unused vouchers for a member

Member Segmentation

Promotion Segment Mapping APIThis API maps a segment to a promotion and get segment file information to read the members and map to segment.
Segment Member Mapping APIThis API adds or removes a member from a segment

Program Details

Add PartnerThis API adds or updates details of any partner
Add/Update MasterThis API adds or updates details of any user defined master entity
Exchange Redeem PartnerThis API will provide all the details of points exchange redemption partners
Get Client Communication Category APIThis API provides the list of all the communication categories that are used for determining communication consent of a member.
Get Client Communication Channel APIThis API provides the list of all the communication channels that may be used for sending communication to members like email, SMS etc.
Get Client Language APIThis API provides a list of languages in which the program has been configured.
Get Master Data APIThis API provides the details stored against a specified master data (e.g. list of product categories or cities)
Get Partner APIThis API provides the list of Partners.
Identity ProvidersThis API will fetch all the details of registered Identity Providers (which have been setup for Alias management)
Partner HistoryThis API is used to retrieve history of partner’s points transaction details within a specified period, which also include details of earn, redemption, reversal and expiry points detail.

Program Rules & Benefits

Add/Update PromotionThis API adds or updates a promotion.
Find and Update Member StageThis API updates a membership stage (e.g. Active, Disabled, etc.) of a member
Get All Promotions APIThis API provides a list of promotions available in the system
Get Sweep StakeThis API provides the list of sweepstakes that have been setup in the program or that are valid for a specific member
Manual Tier UpdateThis API updates a tier(status) of a member irrespective of the tier rules
Subscription APIThis API sets the member’s point limit for a redemption transaction. On crossing this limit, a member would need to authenticate the redemption with their PIN
Threshold RedemptionThis API is used to offer subscription-based plans to any existing member in the loyalty program.
Ticket AllocationThis API enables a member to participate in a sweepstake