Loyalty Prime Recognized as One of the Top Ten Retail CRM Solution Providers 2017

We are very proud to announce that Loyalty Prime has been recognized as one of the “Top 10 Retail CRM Solution Providers – 2017” by the renowned California-based Retail CIO Outlook Magazine – alongside industry leaders such as Salesforce and Zendesk.

Each year the Retail CIO Outlook Magazine selects the 10 best CRM solution providers for the retail industry to “help retailers identify CRM solutions that can truly increase consumer engagement, market share and business performance”. The awarded companies “showcase in-depth expertise in delivering innovative CRM solutions that boost operational efficiency for retailers” the magazine summarizes.

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We agree and invite you to find out how Loyalty Prime can help you drive your company’s success with our award winning loyalty platform Prime Cloud. Simply contact our sales team for a free demo of our powerful platform or for more information. And, of course, enjoy reading the full CIO Retail Outlook Magazine article transcript here.

Loyalty Prime Company Profile as Featured in the Retail CIO Outlook Magazine March 2017 Edition

Pioneering Cloud-Based Loyalty Program Management

According to Forrester Research in 2016, customer loyalty is the number one marketing priority for 80 percent of decision-makers at large organizations. However, in today’s competitive environment, many businesses are facing difficulty in finding a loyalty solution that will actually deliver the required ROI. Such a solution must offer powerful functionality to understand and drive customer behavior – and it must allow for fast time-to-market at a highly competitive pricing. This is where Loyalty Prime comes in.

Founded by the distinguished loyalty and information technology experts Christoph Straub and Kunal Mohiuddin, Loyalty Prime has developed a pioneering Loyalty Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that is disrupting the marketing industry: Prime Cloud.

Prime Cloud is an extremely powerful platform with intuitive interfaces that delivers all functionalities needed to implement and manage a state-of-the-art loyalty program. The unique SaaS architecture allows for record time-to-market at an excellent cost-benefit ratio and smooth integration into a company’s existing IT infrastructure. “If you want an outstanding loyalty program management platform, with maximum flexibility, which increases growth, helps retain customers, and improves brand reputation while leveraging data for better results – we have the right solution for you. Prime Cloud carries the blueprint for loyalty success,” summarizes Straub.

Prime Cloud enables loyalty programs that offer a sustainable and proven way to deliver that extra reason for customers to return and create a stickiness to retail companies as a basis for profitability. It enables programs that effectively drive customer behavior with targeted promotions and efficient direct marketing. Customers are rewarded for their loyalty, which builds lasting relationships that pay off. “Impressive KPIs such as doubling the average spend of members versus non-members are regularly achieved by our customers around the globe,” says Straub.

Loyalty Prime helps retailers collect customer data and study behavior to create offers that appeal to them, giving customers reasons to stay and return. “We deliver measurable and lasting results out of every marketing dollar invested, instead of introducing just any loyalty program,” notes Straub. Prime Cloud enables a 360 degree view of customer data that can be used for direct marketing with a measurable ROI and data-based continuous improvement processes for overall process management making sure Loyalty Prime’s customers create and sustain that profitable competitive edge.

To summarize, Prime Cloud is not just a simple loyalty program management platform. Instead, it is a loyalty engine that is backed by experienced loyalty experts and a proven loyalty program design methodology. How it is designed is what makes it the leading loyalty platform in the market. The feature set is powerful, it is flexible and scalable, results can be measured, the user experience is intuitive, and there is no need to worry about hosting or maintenance. Everything that is needed is there—from flexible promotion rules and unlimited status levels to coalition programs, multiple incentive currencies, voucher and coupon management, and built-in CRM features. The API library is enormous and growing, which adds to the flexibility of the product.

Transforming the retail CRM landscape, the company today continues to work its way around the globe in every way it can. “In the current retail CRM landscape, one can say that Loyalty Prime is the ‘Salesforce of the loyalty market’. With our uniquely powerful platform, we are positive that we will also meet the heartbeat of many retail CIOs’ endeavors to set their companies ahead of the competition in the years to come,” concludes Straub.

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