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Prime Cloud Pricing

Our award-winning Prime Cloud Loyalty Platform is based on a simple & transparent pricing. You will pay a monthly fee based on the edition you would like to use and the number of members in your loyalty program. Please feel free to use our price calculator below to receive your first cost estimate! In addition to the features covered by the dierent editions, we oer optional modules like Campaign Management, Member Web Portal or Member App.

Platform Editions & Pricing

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PRIME CLOUD EDITIONS FEATURESStand-Alone Program Edition Status Level & Benefits ProgramCoalition Program Edition Enterprise Edition
Member Accounts Set up an infinite number of member accounts with their key personal data. Manage the virtual currency accounts of members in real-time and audit proof.Tailored Set of Features / B2B / B2E / B2B2C Programs
Program Rules Set up the program to reflect your company/ program structure in an unlimited number of hierarchies. E.g. reflect even complex loyalty coalition program structures with multiple partners, brands, product (sub-) categories, SKU, country, region, city, outlet and more.
Promotion Rules Easily create and manage powerful, targeted promotions to engage your customers. Reward your customers for events such as enrolment, spending, redemption, interaction, and many more.
Redemption Management Easily create and manage powerful, targeted promotions to engage your customers. Reward your customers for events such as enrolment, spending, redemption, interaction, and many more.
System Users & Groups + Audit Tracking Define security levels and provide module wise access to users/ user groups. Have full control and audit proof records from user activity logging. e.g. know who changed promotion rules, when and by what values.
Event & Communication Based Promotions Event-triggered promotions include, for example if members earn 100 points for participationg at a store opening, taking part in a survey or a social media activity.
Vouchers Generate, manage and track unique loyalty program related voucher codes or external voucher code series e.g. to use be used as rewards. Allows for real-time voucher validation.
Coupons Generate and manage loyalty-related targeted promotion coupons. Define coupon promotion and incentive values and map coupons with segments.
Integration APIs Our platform provides an extensive set of APIs for quick integration to various systems, such as enrolment API, point – status check API, status benefit Check API or transaction API and many more. Detailed API documentation is available for each API.
Multiple Virtual Points Currencies Create and manage multiple virtual currencies to make your program more flexible and attractive. Provide additional promotional incentive currencies (e.g. Xmas stars) in addition to your base incentive currency. Allow for different redemption values and options for various currencies and flexibly edit expiry rules for different currencies.12Multiple
Cashback Rewards In addition to virtual currencies manage “cashback rewards”. This means that in addition to collecting a virtual currency, your customers can also receive a direct “cashback” for their purchases into their member account.
Helpdesk Module View and manage profile data in a comprehensive member dashboard to see specific loyalty data such as points balance statement, points expiry dates, status level, etc. and take other manual actions, such a s points transfer or account merge or manage card-related issues.
Reports Portal with Loyalty Standard Reports Receive standard loyalty reports on regular basis to review success of campaigns and communication set up by you.102030
Targeted Promotions with Member Segments Reward only selected member segments based on desired member profiles or previous transaction/ customer behaviour.
Event-triggered Notifications / Communication Triggered notifications or communications to program members can be configured and managed to send and track emails via an external email / SMS system: welcome e-mail, membership upgrade, points expiry, redemption transaction, birthday mail and more.
Status Benefits Assign soft benefits to members e.g. depending on their status level and manage the inventory of benefits on a per member basis.
Multiple Status Levels Set up any number of status levels and flexibly assign upgrade and retention rules, depending on various criteria (e.g. number of status points earned, spend frequency etc.)
Program Partner Accounts (Coalition Program) Set up coalition loyalty programs with infinite number of program partners.
Points Settling with Partners Automated generation of points issuance and redemption reports including the related money values to allow for clearing or settling of points between company entities and/ or program operator and program partners.
Partner-Specific Data Structures Our platform can deal with and integrate different data structures of partners.
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$ 3,300
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$ 4,500
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$ 5,600
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    Optional Modules

    Campaign Management

    Easily build and scale automated marketing campaigns across channels that engage your customers in a personalized way. Trigger emails automatically in real time based on activity—or lack of activity—in any customer channel. Use the power of retargeting and personalized offers on websites.

    Member Web Portal

    Provide your members with a first-class program experience and access to their membership profile through your branded web portal based on our white-label template.

    Member Mobile App

    Engage your members with an app to access their membership profile & information based on our white-label App for iOS and Android, which can be branded for your program.


    Turn data into a 360° view of the customer with context, intentions, relationships and interactions. Derive actionable insights through ad-hoc reports, create customer segments based on data from various sources to increase the level of personalization and effectiveness of marketing promotions.

    Outlet Web Portal

    Allow merchants to access member data specific to their outlets, such as transaction history or points balance, sign up new members to the loyalty program or authenticate campaign vouchers.

    POS Quick Integration

    Integrate outlets for points earning without touching the software of POS systems via our unique Loyalty Box which is plugged between the cash register and its printer. Or allow for additional features, such as member enrolment or points redemption, via our tablet app branded for your program.

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