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    Redefined Customer Loyalty Programs (RCLPs):
    An Efficient Framework for Sustainable Business Success

    This Whitepaper Will Equip You With:

    • A deeper understanding of “Redefined Customer Loyalty Programs” (RCLPs) as a data-driven framework for customer experience excellence and sustainable business success
    • Key tools and tactics of “Redefined Customer Loyalty Programs” (RCLPs) and how to apply them to your business
    • A sharpened awareness of the power of a continuous, customer-centric optimization process
    • And much more!

    More Details:

    Sustainably differentiating your business is a 360-degree challenge. Technological progress, digitalization and global connectivity are greatly increasing market transparency and competitive pressure. Customers are oversupplied with alternative offers, each of which promises to be better, faster or more convenient. As a result, customers have become highly demanding and difficult to retain.

    At the same time, however, loyal, satisfied customers are not only the most profitable for companies but also offer high strategic value. As active brand ambassadors, co-creators and innovators they have come to play a key role for sustainable business success in today’s highly networked economies.

    As a result, there’s never been a more critical time for customer loyalty programs to take center stage. Customer loyalty programs, however, are still often equated with the outdated concept of simple “earn/redeem” reward schemes. Although occasionally effective, such simple reward programs cannot address “loyalty” in its entirety.

    A complex market environment requires a solution that engages and delights customers across all channels and touchpoints, encourages their enthusiasm and leaves them highly satisfied. In other words, a loyalty solution that champions customer experience excellence.

    In this whitepaper we would like to introduce you to “Redefined Customer Loyalty Programs (RCLPs)” as a framework that systematically addresses these points:

    • RCLPs – “motorized” by the latest in technology – enable companies to gain a deep data-driven understanding of their customers and based on this, develop an outstanding customer experience management.
    • RCLPs also ensure that a company’s customer engagement endeavours are consistently and measurably aligned with clearly defined corporate goals across all channels.
    • The full potential of “Redefined Customer Loyalty Programs” has been reached when customers have developed into loyal brand “lovers” and ambassadors, while corporate growth, sales, and profitability targets have been exceeded.

    Target Group:

    • CMOs & Marketing Managers
    • CRM Managers
    • Loyalty Managers
    • Customer Experience & Retention Managers
    • Everyone who is interested in the topics of growth, profitability, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, customer experience management and brand experience.